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Chippewa Ranch e-mail address

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Welcome and enjoy

Greg Swenson
(216) 591-1105

Judy Reese (Swenson)


Mike Supernault (Soupy)

2238 Haines Rd

Lapeer, MI  48446

John Fennessey  (JACK)

William Church

898 Rosewood Blvd.

Midland, MI  48640

989-835-9924 home

989-708-5333 cell

Tom Roelofs

Jan Roelofs, '63-69

Ken Hosto
Potomac, MD
Camper/Counselor 1959-1969

Jill Baker
5660 Deville Ct.
East Lansing, MI  48823-2968


Sandy Siehl

Chippewa Rancher 60's until the last beautiful summer...

Kathleen McNamee    Camper Late 1950's to early 1960's

Brenda (Bauer) Rees
1210 Grand Marais Rd E.
Windsor, Ontario N8W 1W2

My Brothers Bernie, and Bruce and I were all campers there. I was there from 1961-1963 in the small girls cabin.

Abby Lohman (Pennington)

Victoria Beck

Reunion Coordinator











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