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Welcome to my Web site!        CHIPPEWA RANCH REUNION 2015!

This page is set up to contact campers and renew memories from Chippewa Ranch, of the fun times and lasting memories that were acquired for all of the wonderful people who worked and played there. The Pennington family who started and ran the ranch made all of these memories, that we are truly indebted for.  For those who don't know the ranch was located 17 miles north west of Mt. Pleasant Michigan and 5 miles south west of Weidman, Michigan. 

A special thanks to Caleb Billingsley, Nancy's son, for sharing the photos of his family. Special Thanks to Mike Supernault for sharing his photos. Thanks to my sister Sarah for digging out some also.  Thank you to Dean and Dorothy Adams for the wealth of information and photos (look for more to come). We just started digging... Thanks to Jill Baker for the new pictures. Anything is greatly appreciated. Jill Baker and others including myself have decided that we are going to put this information into book form. Sure we won't remember everything, but hopefully we will allow others to enjoy the wonderful joy that the Ranch and the Pennington's instilled in so many young people. The Ranch is gone, but will remain in our hearts forever! There are Tee Shirt's available in all sizes for the cost of the shirt, and shipping. I found the original Capture the Flag cloth with the original Logo that has eluded me for along time. 

I went for an airplane ride a few months ago and what a shock! Some of us were holding out for some miracle thinking that this was a bad dream and that we would wake up and the camp would still be there. Well, just look at the new pictures......Very sad!   It's a gravel pit....

Got some pictures from Sandy Siehl, and they really bring back memories...And Kathleen McNamee for her great picture of on her horse Tony.

The Book is DONE and for Sale! ORDER BOOK!

Remember if you have anything that you want to share with us just drop me a note and let me know.



We are exploring a reunion for campers who went to Chippewa Ranch. We have set a date for Friday night July 17th arrival with activities for Saturday the 18th and Sunday morning the 19th good by. Our plan is Mt Pleasant for Hotel accommodations food etc. Videos, pictures, stories, and maybe a trip to the ranch.

Drop me a line at williambchurch@gmail.com

Vicky Beck our Reunion Coordinator at victoriapbeck2@yahoo.com




William Church

Chippewa Ranch Camper & Counselor

1961-to present 




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Wilma & Wendell Pennington

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Updated Pictures  05/29/14



Look at my new online photo album filled with pictures.


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Keith Sanford Pennington

  • BORN: January 10, 1944
  • DIED: May 14, 2010


Dean Adams

Dean was born on December 31, 1919 in Rosebush, MI, the son of Buell and Roberta (Fall) Adams. He married Dorothy Pennington on September 19, 1942 in Weidman.  Dean was a Major in the United States Air Force from 1942 to 1958. He also worked as a teacher, school administrator, and principal for 30 years. 

Dec. 31, 1919 - June 20, 2010




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